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Apostolic Global Operations

Apostolic Global Operations is the cross cultural missions arm of the Apostolic Church Australia.

Many local churches work together in cooperation, focusing on regions of the world where there is a common interest and connection. Regional Teams, the name given to these working groups, combine their talents and resources in order to develop fields of missions endeavour in places like Indonesia, the Philippines, Pakistan, Africa and Sri Lanka. Other churches work on a range of projects in India, Papua New Guinea, Vanuatu, China, Thailand, Myanmar, Nepal and Cambodia.

AGO publishes a regular update to churches and interested individuals and can be accessed at AGO newsletters.

Apostolic Church Australia congregations participate in cross-cultural mission in a range of nations throughout the world.

Some congregations work together with others in regional teams and combine their resources, vision, burden and management skills in order to maximise their impact on a nation or region within a nation.

Currently, regional teams serve in Pakistan, the Philippines, Indonesia, Sri Lanka and the continent of Africa. Other congregations have connections in nations such as Papua New Guinea, Vanuatu, Thailand, Cambodia, India, Nepal, Myanmar and China.

In most instances, AGO works with indigenous leaders to develop strategy, train leaders, plant churches and conduct meetings and seminars.

Apostolic Global Operations (AGO) ensures that Apostolic Church Australia continues its God-given mission to touch the world cross-culturally.